Swim Team Text Alerts

How will I know if practice is canceled?


How will I know if there is a weather delay or cancelation?


How will I be made aware of all same day meet or practice changes?



The FXE Swim team uses "Rained Out" to send families text alerts on these and more changes and need to know information.  

Please register at Rained Out. Our Swim Reps will then send group text alerts to all families who have registered.  


  1. Go to the Rained out website
  2. Search your organiation type in "FXE"
  3. Select FXE Swim Team
  4. Enter phone number or email and click ‘start sign-up’ (and check the checkbox for agree to Terms of Service)
  5. Enter Validation Code and click Validate Code
  6. Completed. Next Tab appears and there is a ‘Enter Private Group Keyword’ and we don’t have private groups so no need to do anything on this tab. All good.