New Swimmer Info: What is a Heat Sheet?

NEW SWIMMER INFORMATION: What is a Heat Sheet and what to do with it.

If you are new to swim meets, a Heat Sheet documents all the events, heats and lanes and all the swimmer assignments for a meet. A Meet is made up of Events.  Each Event has multiple Heats dependent on the number of assigned swimmers.  Each Heat has 6 Lane assignments. Our pool has 6 lanes. 

So for your swimmer, you will need to document the events they in, the heats they are in within those events and the lanes they are on within those heats.



In the picture above, let’s use Laniyah as our example. (She is highlighted in yellow)
She is swimming in the Event Name “Girls 8 & Under 25 Yard Freestyle
the “event” is #13.
The “heat” is #2
The “lane” is #6

The Event Name gives you the description of the event. 

"Girls or Boys / Age Group / Distance to swim / Type of stroke being swam"

One length of the pool is measured as 25 Yards above (at FXE Pool is measured in Meters)

Now that you know how to read the heat sheet, let’s talk about how to keep your swimmer ready for their events.  

This is really easy. Simply draw a grid (like a tic-tac-toe board) on your swimmers arm. (usually with a sharpie pen) With the 3 numbers that we talked about above, we write those #’s in the grid and ta-da!!!, your swimmer now knows exactly when and where they need to be for their events.