Adult Swim

As a starting point, we will be offering a basic (non-Masters) lap swimming option three days a week for one hour. This will begin next week. Once we have assessed the true demand for lap swimming and determined how any additional hours will fit with other potential programs (like dive or swim team), we hope to be able to expand these hours and possibly include a Masters option for a small, separate fee per visit.

Days and Times: Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 6:30 – 7:30 a.m. / Saturday mornings from 8:00 – 9:00 a.m.

Time Slots: Time slots will be offered initially via Signup to manage demand at (A new signup link will be published and sent every week.) We are asking that everyone start by only signing up for 1-time slot. This will enable us to offer lap swimming to 36 people (2 people in each of 6 lanes = 12 per session). 

Lane sign-ups (Please read carefully): In the sign-up, you will note a lane # (1-6) and either shallow (parking lot) or deep (playground) end. This is your assigned lane, and you will put your swim gear on the right side of your lane at the end of the pool (shallow or deep) that you’ve selected. We ask that you try to stop/rest at your end of the pool to help ensure social distancing. Lane 1 is closest to Fairview Road. There is no circle swim; instead, please swim up and back on your side of the lane (which is the right side where you’ve put any swim gear).

Lane Line help: We are also asking for help with putting lane lines in the water and taking them out. We are designating 2 sign-ups for this role (Lane 3 Deep and Lane 4 Deep). If you are able to come 10 minutes early and help put in the extra lap lanes, please sign up for these lanes. This will help ensure that the lanes are functional during the entire hour.

Additional important information: This is initially structured to be a low touch, low interaction visit for FXE members only. In order to limit bathroom use we are asking for two things: 1) all swimmers should come with bathing suits on and 2) all swimmers should plan to exit the facility with suits on and not use the showers and changing room. In addition, please try to incorporate social distancing into all aspects of your visit (Example – please don’t stand directly next to someone else who is planning to jump in the water). If you realize that you will be unable to make your scheduled swim, please go into the sign up genius and remove your name the evening before. This will help ensure that we are able to maximize lane utilization. Please remember that lanes will remain open during daily operating hours for those who wish to swim during a regularly scheduled visit. 


If you have any questions, please reach out to Patrick Wilde at


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