Party Request

Pavilion Party Request

If you would like to rent 1/2 of the pavilion out for a bday party or event, please print out this form HERE, fill out and take a picture of the form and send to SCMG Event Coordinator at or 704-766-2726

If you have any questions, you can reach our Events Coordinator at 704-766-2726

After Ashley receives your request she will cross check other requests as well as our events calendar and will contact you with official approval and to process payment for extra lifeguard(s). Parties are permitted beginning in June and can be a max of 25 non-members. Parties are not permitted on major holidays or on evenings there are home Swim or Dive meets.

Guest fees for events will be processed at FXE at the end of the event payable via cash or credit card. 

Thank you and have a great summer!