Why FXE?

Top 10 reasons why FXE is the place to be:

  1. Best pool in the area. Our pool manager keeps the water clean and fresh so that it is the summer heat relief its supposed to be.
  2. Awesome family atmosphere. Kids can be kids and adults can be kids, too!
  3. Convenient location. Easy to get to and close to Foxcroft and Southpark amenities.
  4. The new Green Gator water slide. What kind of pool doesn't have a cool slide?
  5. No french fry smell. Yes, we actually choose not to sell cooked concessions day-to-day.  If it's not offered, the kids don't whine!
  6. Tennis for everyone. From the littlest tikes who can swing a racquet to adults, our pros and members get out there to have fun on the courts.
  7. Youth Swim and Dive teams. We are one of only 5 clubs in the area to offer a youth dive team, and our swim team gets better and more fun every year!
  8. Fun social activities. Not just the traditional July 4th cookout and our huge movie screen for "dive-in" movie nights, any time at the club can become a party.
  9. Great staff.  We are lucky to have a pool manager and guard team who work hard to make our club safe and clean.
  10. Members who care. Our volunteer board and all our members continually give time and energy to making FXE the best place to be.