2019 Developmental and Gator Bits

Hello Swimmers!

We are exited to have our younger swim team members join practices this season.  Before the season starts, the coaches will do a brief evaluation of your child's skill level in order to place them in the correct practice group.  We want each child to gain skills and confidence this summer and swim with others of similar ability.  Every child will be now a member of the FXE swim team and will be placed in either the Developmental group or the Gator Bit group.  You will receive an email after the evaluation with that information.

Note: Gator Bits/ Developmental will have their individual assessments on Tuesday 5/21 and Thursday 5/23. Individual assessment times will be emailed. Practice will begin on May 28th. Look for an email from your coach with your assessment day and time!

Swimmers will be in the water one on one with a coach.  The coaches will evaluate the following:

Glide/push off wall
Face in water
Freestyle and Backstroke (older swimmers)

The evaluation will not be as long as a regular practice.

One last note, we compete in Division 1. In this division, one of the rules is that young swimmers must be able to complete a heat on their own to compete.  We have no coaches in the water. They only need to get across on their own.

Please contact me with any questions.

Thank you, Susan Plaza

Updated 03/26/2019