FXE Swim Team Learning Center

Welcoime to the FXE Swim Team Learning Center.  Many of the roles and responsibilties that make each year a success require training and information to continue our success. Please find them below by topic.



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Data Entry Meet Manager The Meet Manager software information is located at this address: Meet Manager 6. User Guide
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Colorado Timing System 6 Setup Instructions
Data Entry Colorado Timing System Operator Instructions
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Webiste Administration and Registration Management

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Go, Gators!

Meet Positions and Responsibilities

During the meets:

  • Clerk of Course (1 per team per meet - first half or second half of meet) Line the swimmers up on benches prior to their races in a designated area of the pool so that they are ready for their events. Make sure swimmers are at the starting blocks at the appropriate time for their races.
  • Stroke/Turn Judge (2 per team per meet) Works with other teams’ stroke/turn judges at each meet to insure that stroke protocols are being followed by swimmers. Requires some training.
  • Head Timer (1 per home meet) Ensures timers are ready and run back up stopwatch.
  • Runners (1 per team per meet - first half or second half of meet) Takes race results information from timers to scorers table. Also obtains any disqualification forms from Stroke Judges and discreetly gives to scorer. Distributes heat winner ribbons to all heat winners in the 10 and under individual events.
  • Data Entry Parent (1 or 2 per team per meet) Enters swimmers times into software program and prints the ribbons. Requires some training.
  • Ribbon Parent (1 per team per meet) Transfers computer generated ribbon labels onto the actual ribbons for swimmers to receive the next morning. Position starts after Fly and continues until completion of meet.
  • Timers Use a stop watch or a plunger in assigned lanes to determine the finish times in the races. Timers work in teams of 2 or 3 with at least 1 timer from each team in each lane. One timer records the time on the lane sheets for each swimmer in the lane.
  • Starter (1 per home meet) - Starts the races and is responsible for keeping the meet running efficiently. Requires some training.
  • Fun Patrol Volunteer (2 per home meet) – Each Home will have a theme.  These 2 volunteers will help us manage the home meet themes: Pirate Day, Hawaiian Shirt Day and Cool at the Pool Day.  Passing out heat winner tokens to kids, potenitally helping us buy, put up and manage the events of the theme. You will have access to the entire pool area.
  • Concession Assistants (3 per home meet) Assists the concession coordinator by maintaining the concession area during the meets. They may also assist with setup/take down.
  • Parking Lot Director (1 per home meet) -- Assist guests in parking in our lot before the meet - 4:15pm to 6:10pm.
  • Volunteer Alternates (3 per meet) - Be available to substitute for Timer position or any other positions needing volunteers (will not be put into positions requiring special training). May be used for 1st OR 2nd half.
  • Heat/Event Board Helper (1 per home meet) - Changing the heat/event board with a remote to accurately display where we are in the meet.
  • Pasta Provider/Homemade treats for volunteers (1 per home meet - Gator Bits Only) – Prepares pasta to sell at concessions as well as prepares cookies, brownies or other finger food treat for meet volunteers. Bring to Volunteer Coordinator BEFORE start of meet.